Victoria International Tubular Corporation

9518 56 AVE NW, Edmonton, AB T6E5W7


About Our Company

Victoria International Tubular Corporation

Victoria International Tubular Corporation was established in May 2015, and it is located at 9510-56 AVE NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada. The company set up advanced OCTG production lines which include Vacuum Insulated Tubing (“VIT”) production line, automatic Heat-Treatment line, Hydraulic Upsetting line, Tubing and Casing production line, and the total investment for equipments and setting up was over $20 million.

The company has set aside a Quality Control and flaw detection shop, in order to guarantee the raw materials we use are 100% qualified. In order to control the quality, the company’s laboratories can do chemical analysis, metallographic analysis, tensile test, Low-temperature impact test, hardness test, etc.

Production Line and Equipment

production line- picture1

Threading Line

production line- picture2.1

Upsetting Line

production line- picture3

Hydraulic Press Machine

production line- picture4

Heat-treatment Machine

production line- picture5

Mechanical  Properties

production line- picture6

Chemical Analysis

production line- picture7

“VIT” Production Line

production line- picture8

Apparent Thermal
Conductivity Testing

We shall offer the service of cleaning,
vacuum testing, threading, and VIT repair.

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