Victoria International Tubular Corporation

Company introduction

Victoria International Tubular Corporation was established in May 2015,
and it is located at 9510-56 AVE NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

The company set up advanced OCTG production lines which include Vacuum Insulated Tubing (“VIT”) production line, automatic Heat-Treatment line, Hydraulic Upsetting line, Tubing and Casing production line, and the total investment for equipments and setting up was over $20 million. The company has set aside a Quality Control and flaw detection department to ensure the raw materials we use are 100% qualified. In order to control the quality, the company’s laboratories can run chemical analysis, metallographic analysis, tensile test, Low-temperature impact test, hardness test, etc.

We have experts in charge of laboratory operations. Through continuous progress and improvements for our production lines , the company has obtained the API SPEC 5CT certificate, GOST certificate (Russian), ISO9001:2008, ISO18001-2008, and ISO14001:2004,etc.

Company business includes Tubing, Casing, Premium connections and Pup-joints manufacturing( from 42mm up to 244.5mm). Meanwhile, we have a professional “VIT” production line to manufacturing “VIT” from 3-1/2” up to 9-5/8”; Our company are also capable to provide hydrostatic test and ultrasonic test services; and processing services such as used tube cleaning, upsetting , seamless pipe heat-treatment and other test services.

We have manufacturing capability of 17000 MT per year, which includes 20000 MT of tubing, 30000 MT of casing, 10000 MT of "VIT", 40000 MT of Tubing cleaning, 10000 MT of Upsetting, and 20000 MT of Heat Treatment.

QA/HSE Global Overview

Global Health, Safety and Environment

It is the policy that all company departments, business and management should put Company’s employees’, customers’, and vendors’ health and safety as top priority while all production departments continuously operate in an environment friendly ways. It is company’s goal to be recognized by communities that we always put most efforts on health, safety and environmental (HS&E) issues through cooperate of all company’s employees. We are aim for no workplace hazards to people and no pollution to the environment.

Global Quality Assurance

It is the policy that company will fulfill all the special needs from customers with best services and only highest quality products shall be provided to customers. Our Quality inspection lab is responsible to implement and manage a comprehensive Quality Management System to ensure our products always meet our Quality Policy. Also, we will keep develop and design new test for all products while continuously improve our products quality and services. We are always targeting better product quality!

Head office and Subsidiaries

Edmonton, Canada

Victoria International Tubular Corp (Head Office)

Almaty, Kazakhstan

TOO Victoria International Tubular Kazakhstan


Company Qualifications


"The credibility of the iron quality, Golden promise"

We firmly believe that your recognition is our starting point for another brilliant breakthrough and also firmly
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