We shall offer the service of cleaning, vacuum testing, threading, and VIT repair.

  • Part I: Cleaning inner and outer surface of used VIT
  • Part II: Flaw detection/Hyro test
  • Part III: Insulation Performance Testing
  • Part IV: Repair/Upgrade of the used VIT to Grade D or E

We can also manufacture pup joints to meet our customers specifications.

Our Advantage


Provide services as follows:

  1. Test and repair of “VIT”
  2. Upsetting and threading of the used tubing
  3. Upsetting and heat-treatment of tubing,and heat-treatment of Casing

Local Manufacturing

  1. Local manufacture of “VIT”,
    tubing and casing
  2. Local storage yard, which will reduce the time and cost of transport.

Technical advantage

We have professional technical team focus on new products research and development. We can manufacture “VIT” in different specifications according to customer’s requirements, and our company has owned 5 patented products now.

Product Quality

We have advanced production equipment and inspection equipment make first class products. Also, we have specialized quality control team responsible to keep product physical properties, chemical component, product service life, precision retaining ability and product reliability in a good performance.

Production Line and Equipment

production line- picture1

Threading Line

production line- picture2.1

Upsetting Line

production line- picture3

Hydraulic Press Machine

production line- picture4

Heat-treatment Machine

production line- picture5

Mechanical  Properties

production line- picture6

Chemical analysis

production line- picture7

“VIT” Production Line

production line- picture8

Apparent Thermal
Conductivity Testing

Production Process

Casing and Tubing

production process

Production Process

Vacuum Insulated Tubing

Vacuum Insulated Tubing process

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